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Your Complete Solution for Drone-Based Crop Monitoring

Get ready to revolutionize the way you understand your crops with Solvi's advanced drone imagery and PlantAI™ technology. With Solvi, you can make better, data-driven decisions about your crops, enabling you to optimize yield estimations, insurance claims, and field trials like never before.

Monitor Crops at the Plant Level with PlantAI™

Solvi's innovative PlantAI™ technology allows you to collect precise data on the number of plants in your field and capture unique characteristics of every individual plant. Whether you need accurate yield estimations, insurance assessments, or insights for field trials, PlantAI™ provides unparalleled plant-level data.

How It Works

Collect Data: Simply capture imagery using any drone and camera of your choice and upload it to Solvi. Our cutting-edge technology can process data from a wide range of sensors, including RGB and multispectral, delivering accurate maps within a remarkably short time, often within an hour.

Analyze & Get Insights: Unleash the power of our analytics tools to interpret and visualize the collected data. Identify variations in the field using vegetation indices such as NDVI or VARI. Generate precise Plant Counts or digitize field trials with Zonal Statistics for a comprehensive understanding of your crops.

Take Actions: Export prescription files compatible with most farming machinery and software, allowing you to implement data-driven decisions directly in the field. Create informative PDF reports to share your data with others or export it in various GIS formats for further in-depth analysis.

Plant Counts & Size Estimations with PlantAI™

Empowered by PlantAI™ algorithms, Solvi's Plant Counts enable you to analyze entire fields at the plant level. Obtain an accurate count of plants in your entire field, facilitating a deeper understanding of crop establishment. Additionally, you can get size estimations for specific vegetable crops or trees, leading to more precise yield estimations.

Key Features of PlantAI™:

  • Accurate plant-level data for the whole field or selected areas.
  • Fast and reliable insights, thanks to cutting-edge AI technology.
  • Compatible with a diverse range of crops, ensuring its applicability across various agricultural practices.

Join the Data-Driven Farming Revolution with Solvi

Embrace the future of agriculture with Solvi's drone-based crop monitoring solution. Make informed decisions, optimize yield estimations, and gain valuable insights into your crops like never before. With Solvi by your side, you'll take your farming practices to new heights.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your crop management. Experience the power of PlantAI™ and drone imagery with Solvi today!


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