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At Southern Drone Ops, our story is deeply rooted in a rich family heritage and a passion for innovation. Jonathan, the founder of the company, comes from a long line of crop dusters. Jonathan's grandfather served his country in World War II as a dedicated Air Force pilot before embarking on his career as a crop duster and farmer.

After honorably completing his service in the Air Force, Jonathan's grandfather transitioned seamlessly into the world of aerial application. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of aviation and his love for flying, he embraced the challenging yet rewarding field of crop dusting. His experience as both a veteran and crop duster allowed him to instill a deep sense of discipline, precision, and dedication into Jonathan's father who was a crop duster as well.  These generational qualities have now been passed to Jonathan who hopes to pass them to his children as well.

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Jonathan grew up witnessing firsthand the hard work and dedication his father and grandfather poured into their crop-dusting operations. Their stories and experiences left an indelible mark on him, igniting his own passion for aviation and aerial application. Inspired by their legacy, Jonathan set out to carve his own path while honoring his family's heritage.

While working as a full-time nurse practitioner, Jonathan's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a successful Photography & Videography studio in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Amidst capturing stunning visuals from various perspectives, fate intervened during a particular aerial video shoot. As he looked up to the skies, a crop duster flew gracefully over the landscape, invoking cherished memories of his father and grandfather's endeavors.

The sight triggered Jonathan's curiosity about the future of crop spraying using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Fortuitously, Jonathan's mentor, a retired FAA, NASA, and Air Force fighter jet pilot, shared pivotal information with him. The mentor not only provided guidance on the changing regulations but also reflected on the rich legacy of Jonathan's father and grandfather as crop dusters.

With his mentor's guidance and the inspiration of his family's aviation heritage, Jonathan and his mentor collaborated to build the necessary exceptions and establish a solid framework, ultimately giving birth to Southern Drone Ops.

From its inception, Southern Drone Ops has emerged as a leading aerial applicator for agriculture, inheriting the dedication, expertise, and passion for flight from Jonathan's father and grandfather. We are proud to continue their legacy, pushing the boundaries of traditional crop spraying methods while embracing the potential of UAVs to revolutionize the industry.

Through diligent effort and unwavering commitment, Jonathan has turned trial and error into expertise, positioning Southern Drone Ops as a trusted name nationwide for training and aerial application services. Our journey extends beyond agriculture, as Southern Drone Ops has forged partnerships with municipal, state, and federal governments. Together, we have collaborated on various unique aerial application projects, leveraging our expertise to serve diverse sectors.

Whether it's enhancing crop yields, protecting the environment, or assisting in specialized applications, Southern Drone Ops stands as a reliable partner, committed to delivering exceptional results. As we continue to soar to new heights, Southern Drone Ops remains dedicated to innovation, safety, and excellence.

Our passion for aerial application is matched only by our commitment to providing top-notch training, cutting-edge services, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Join us on this remarkable journey as we redefine the possibilities of aerial application, one flight at a time.