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DroneLogbook - Agriculture Edition

DroneLogbook - Agriculture Edition

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DroneLogbook - Agriculture Edition: Streamlining Your Aerial Application Workflow

DroneLogbook presents its Agriculture Edition, tailor-made for FAA Part 137 UAV operators and designed to seamlessly integrate the power of DLB with the unique requirements of agricultural custom applicators.

Agriculture-Optimized Features:

Mission Planning: Efficiently plan your aerial applications for optimal results and resource utilization.

Compliance Reporting: Stay on the right side of regulations with automated reporting and recordkeeping.

Maintenance Reporting: Ensure your drone fleet is in top condition for consistent performance.

Flight Tracking: Keep a close eye on your flights in real-time to ensure safe and precise operations.

Custom Digital Forms: Simplify data collection with customizable digital forms tailored to your specific needs.

Offline Operations: Work smoothly even without an internet connection, no disruptions in your workflow.

Fleet Management: Effectively manage your drone fleet and monitor its performance.

Personnel Tracking: Keep track of your team members involved in various applications.

Scheduled Inspections: Plan and execute regular drone inspections to maintain safety and quality.

A Solution Built for Agriculture:

DroneLogbook Agriculture Edition takes care of state and federal recordkeeping and reporting requirements autonomously, freeing you to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering top-quality applications.

Gone are the days of manual paper pads or delayed memory-based records. Detailed information captured by the drone and the remote pilot is instantly uploaded to DLB servers. Upon completing an application, effortlessly share comprehensive data, including drone telemetry, applied products, and weather, with growers and regulatory bodies.

Seamless Application Exchange: Our specific workflow ensures a precise exchange of application information, from the grower to the Remote Pilot. This seamless process is crucial for ensuring safe, accurate, and successful ag aerial applications.

Customer-Centric Portal: Our customer portal empowers growers to effortlessly create new applications or access previous ones. The operator reviews these requests and assigns them to remote pilots, eliminating any room for misunderstandings regarding the who, what, when, and where of the application.

Join DroneLogbook Agriculture Edition today and witness how our advanced features and intuitive workflow streamline your aerial application process for enhanced efficiency and outstanding results. Say goodbye to manual hassles and embrace the future of agriculture drone operations.

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