Simplified Part 137 Exemption Service for Agricultural Aerial Applicators

At Southern Drone Ops, we understand that navigating the process of obtaining the necessary authorization to operate unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for agricultural purposes under the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Part 137 regulations can be complex and time-consuming. That's why we offer our Part 137 Exemption Service, specifically designed to simplify this process for agricultural aerial applicators. Our service aims to streamline the administrative tasks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, allowing growers to focus on what they do best – managing their farms.

Key Elements of Southern Drone Ops Part 137 Exemption Service:

Application Preparation Made Easy: We handle the entire application preparation process on behalf of growers. Our team gathers the necessary information, working closely with you to identify the specific agricultural operations to be conducted using UAS. We compile comprehensive details, describing the types of drones and equipment to be used, as well as outlining the intended flight operations.

Documentation Assistance: We provide valuable assistance in compiling the required supporting documentation for the Part 137 exemption application. Our experts guide you in obtaining certificates of insurance, ensuring aircraft registration compliance, and validating pilot certifications. We ensure all additional documents mandated by the FAA are included, reducing the burden on growers.

Regulatory Compliance Expertise: Our team has a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements outlined in the FAA's Part 137 regulations. We meticulously review your application and supporting documentation to ensure alignment with these regulations. By leveraging our expertise, growers can rest assured that their application is in compliance, minimizing the likelihood of delays or complications during the review process.

Efficient Submission and Follow-Up: Once the application is completed and reviewed, Southern Drone Ops takes the responsibility of submitting it to the FAA on behalf of the growers. We handle all necessary communication and diligently follow up with the FAA to address any inquiries or additional requirements that may arise during the review process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Timely Updates for Peace of Mind: We recognize the importance of timely information. Throughout the application process, Southern Drone Ops provides growers with regular updates on the progress and status of their application. Our commitment to transparent communication ensures that you remain informed every step of the way, alleviating any uncertainties or concerns you may have.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips: Our experienced professionals are available to provide growers with expert guidance and answer any questions or concerns related to the Part 137 exemption process. We understand the intricacies of the regulatory landscape and the agricultural industry, and we are here to assist you in navigating through the requirements, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the steps involved.

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By offering our Part 137 Exemption Service, Southern Drone Ops simplifies the application process and reduces the administrative burden for agricultural aerial applicators. Our comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape and agricultural industry enables us to streamline the process and assist growers in obtaining the necessary authorization to operate UAS for agricultural purposes under Part 137 regulations.

Please note that the specific details and requirements of the Part 137 exemption process may vary. It is essential for growers to consult with Southern Drone Ops directly to obtain accurate and up-to-date information based on their unique circumstances and location.

Contact us today to learn more about our Part 137 exemption Service and how we can support you in simplifying the authorization process for your agricultural aerial applications. Let us help you focus on what matters most – managing your farming practices with confidence and compliance.